Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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More on Screaming Out Loud

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

More on Screaming Out Loud


     My article on screaming at the Kotel drew many negative comments. It seems to me that those who disagree with me do so because they do not understand what is happening. But rather than have me try to convince you that prayer should be personal and not disturbing, here is part of an article quoting Breslov sources. Breslov Chassidim are known to pray loudly yet see what they say here.

    "Why do you cry out to Me?" (Shemot 14:15)

"The apparent meaning of the above passage is that Hashem is telling Moshe that this is not the time for prayer, but a time for action and dedication. In other words, it's the time to plunge into the Red Sea.

    On a deeper level, Hashem is teaching an additional lesson to Moshe and the Children of Israel: It's as if Hashem is saying, "You don't need to cry out to Me within earshot of others; a silent scream from the depts of your heart is enough!"

    "Rav Shalom Arush, shlit'a, warns that although one must scream out to Hashem in personal prayer, his or her voice should not be herd by anyone else. When the silent scream is devoid of vanity and externality, it is solely for Hashem. Such prayers ascend immediately and avoid obstruction from evil elements. If during hitbodedut in the field a person shouts like a wild animal and the voice is heard by others, it creates a defamation of Hashem's Name, Heaven forbid, and is lost to the kelipot, the elements of evil."


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