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by Reb Gutman Locks Mystical Paths

    What’s wrong if a guy wants
to get stoned? He’s happy, right? (Share if you Care)


  1. Artificial happyness is not transferrable to out of marijuana high happyness. One must be able to reach that state of peace of mind based on his understanding that the creator is giving what is needed even if its not always joy

  2. If it is not forbidden by Torah, and is used for Holiness, then it can be uplifted. The same is true of Wine, which can cause ruin if a person becomes an alcoholic, but it moderation as the Torah commands to partake of it to have Simcha, then it is good.

  3. Nope to Dope!
    Your having falshback Gutman to your California guru days.

  4. From what I've read and heard, it is a gateway drug leading to worse and more dangerous drugs. Why would anyone contemplate such an unwise move?
    We are living in a crazy era (before the coming of Moshiach) where people without purpose (Torah) are more confused than ever and seem to turn to the things that would only make their lives more confused and even worse, rather than turning to a life of purpose.

  5. The answer is--it depends. Young people (teenagers) should stay away from it because their brains and emotional stability is not fully formed and I have seen young people "drop out" of the community or worse as a result of chronic marijuana use. On the other hand, it has been found to be helpful and a good alternative to much more dangerous and addictive drugs to treat problems like chronic pain, anxiety and other issues and that is a discussion that needs to take place between a doctor and patient. It is a plant given to us by Hashem that mimics occurring substances in the body, has no known toxicity and is impossible to overdose from. It can be used for good (medicine, or even the occasional social lubricant between friends or spouses) or bad (chronic, heavy use) , just like anything else. Comparing it to more dangerous drugs like opiates or cocaine should be avoided--young people are very good at smelling hypocrisy and false equivalents.

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  7. I used to smoke weed and it is not good!
    It gives you memory loss.

    And smoking it causes lung problems, see how many older Ras Tafari people have terrible coughs.

    It causes psychological problems. There is a large rise in mental health problems for men in London, psychotic episodes, which is a direct result of increased use of skunk and other strains high in THC.

    There can be valid medical uses for substances in weed, but these should not be smoked and are distinct from the narcotic forms of the substance.

  8. My whole life I was extremely very anti-marijuana. As I got older it's precisely marijuana that helped saved my son's life (crohns disease)

    Sugar reading mathematical books having an Apple all examples of things that are Seemingly innocuous. The Tanya teaches that it is primarily ones intention which decides if such activities are evil or beneficial.

    Guidance should be sought from one's mentor or and Dr.

    As the ethics of the fathers states when should never despise anything because everything has its place and time.

  9. I know common sense really doesn't exist anymore (from the last half of the past century and this one even worse). If there was some common sense then it would make sense for pharmaceuticals to create a medicine from this natural plant for those who need it for pain, etc. Everything has a purpose for being created, but we strive not to partake in the bad; duh! Think: poisonous snakes, as an example.
    But, msrajuana is being used mostly by young people & others as an addictive drug, which statistically shows leads to the hard drugs. There was a time (probably fifty plus years ago) when this insane drug problem didn't exist, not to this extreme. I'm just amazed that so many in the Jewish religious world use these things and, of course, alcohol to the extreme. Our grandparents and great grandparents would be turning over if they knew what is happening (they probably know anyway).

  10. 1. Marijuana IS an opiate/opioid, as are codeine, heroin, morphine, fentanyl, cocaine. They are all derived from the opium poppy, in various quantities, and mixed with other resins, chemicals etc.

    2. If not medically prescribed, these drugs can be very dangerous, addictive, and deadly.

  11. January 04, 2018 6:59 PM
    Anonymous said...
    "Marijuana IS an opiate/opioid, as are codeine, heroin, morphine, fentanyl, cocaine. They are all derived from the opium poppy"

    that is false.


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