Friday, January 19, 2018

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Living Torah

   by Reb Gutman Locks
       Living Torah


     I was walking through the Jewish Quarter on my way to the Kotel very early this morning. It was cold, a strong wind, rainy, and for some reason a few blocks of the neighborhood were very dark…most likely an electric short.

    Then, suddenly in the middle of the darkness there was a very bright white light! It stretched my eyes wide open. A second or two later there was a tremendous crack of thick thunder…I could feel it hit my chest. I said the blessing on lightning and thunder and continued on to the Kotel.

     I was walking in the Kotel Plaza and I could hear the raindrops hitting and bouncing off my raincoat. Then I saw them bouncing on the ground. It was hail!

     Not only is the rain a most welcome and needed blessing today, but the darkness, lightning, thunder, strong wind, and hail was right before the Shabbos of parsha Bo (Torah portion "Come onto Pharaoh"). Parsha Bo tells us about the plagues that Hashem brought onto Egypt for enslaving the Jewish People. Strong winds, hail with lightning and thunder and darkness were all part of those plagues.

     Living Torah, seeing it in our lives today 


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