Sunday, January 07, 2018

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How Can She Go On?

   by Reb Gutman Locks  


      A boy at the Shabbos table told me that a teenage girl he knows just lost her father and he asked; How can she go on after such a tragedy?

    Even if something so horrible happens to us, still, we have go on. We cannot end our lives too. At such times we have to remember that we have two choices; we can either focus on our loss and feel miserable the rest of our lives, or we can look for the good that we have and go on to live joyful lives. What would our lost one want for us?

     That girl suffered a great loss but compared to some, she had a wonderful portion. Some girls never meet their fathers at all. Some do not even know who their fathers were! This girl had many loving years with her father. She should be thanking G-d that she had at least that much.

     An important lesson for one who has suffered such a loss is that when a person passes away they go to a place so far away that they cannot contact us, but we can send them a present whenever we want. When we do a mitzvah, we can ask Hashem to send the merit of that mitzvah to our beloved and that credit will elevate our beloved's soul. This way we come to remember them, and are even able to help our loved ones who have gone so far away.



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  1. Thanks for this short sweet post, Reb Gutman! Just what I needed to read exactly at this moment, as I remember with sorrow my beloved parents who passed away (my father when I was 20 - that's 36 years ago, and my mother 5 years ago). Being myself a Baal-Teshuva "in process" (still a long way to go!), I dedicate every small mitzvah to the elevation of their souls. May also the merit of the mitzvot made by my children be a blessing for them and help their souls achieve a good place in the World of Truth.
    R. Halevy
    Petach Tikva, Israel.


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