Thursday, January 25, 2018

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3 Brothers

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
       3 Brothers


    My article, "He looked Jewish," drew a few harsh comments. Apparently, due to the lack of background experience they argued against my statement that the man in the story looked Jewish. But, Jews are a people not a religion, and since we share the same ancestors we also share a lot of our DNA… even some diseases, so it should not surprise anyone that very often we look alike, too.

     No one is saying that all Jews look alike. The article pointed out that the man who denied being a Jew looked very Jewish to me.

     To settle the argument in a conclusive yet peaceful manner, Hashem was kind enough to send me these three brothers right before I sat down to answer those comments.

     When they walked into the Kotel area Shmuli and I quickly grabbed two of them and brought them in to put on tefillin. At first, they didn't want to cooperate but with a little convincing they gave in. They had a great time.

     I motioned to Shmuli questioning if the third brother was Jewish because he did not look Jewish to me. He motioned back that he wasn't.

     Turns out that the three brothers share the same father, but not the same mother. Two of them could put on tefillin, the third could not.

     I would like to think that this will settle the argument. Even more so, I would like to think that those who enjoy writing harsh comments putting people down will take an accounting, and next time you want to say something harsh to a Jew, that you will take a deep breath and recall that our job is to bring Jews together, not to cause separations.

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  1. As usual, another inspiring post, Reb Gutman Lochs.


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