Thursday, December 28, 2017

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    by Reb Gutman Locks


     An Israeli brought him over for me to help him with tefillin. The Israeli wanted him to have the experience.

     He is 58 years old, a High School teacher in Oklahoma. This was the first time he ever put on tefillin. He had a special time; he was truly moved by his experience and he told his Israeli friend how unique it was to him.

     But then, when I tried to get the Israeli to put on tefillin he ran away!

     I can't figure them out. I do not know what they are afraid of. There is a certain type of Israeli who, no matter what, feel that they have to refuse to put on tefillin. Maybe they think that if they put on tefillin they will be forced to keep all the commandments?

     We keep trying and surely someday he will give in and put them on, but in the meanwhile I truly cannot figure out why a Jewish man would not want to do a mitzvah like this, especially at the Kotel.  

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  1. Sorry, but I think that you were duped here. This Israeli might be one of those very leftist and G-Dless one and this friend might not have been Jewish. Are you sure, he was Jewish because from the picture, he looks like a real typical non-Jewish Oklahoman. Maybe they were just trying to stick it to the religious Jews. Don't know, but are you sure he was Jewish?


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