Monday, December 11, 2017

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Peace through Killing Jewish Children

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


(The photo is of the Old Jerusalem Train Station- the “Tachana Rishona”, which has been turned into an upscale restaurant and market space.)

While the world is bemoaning the President of the United States executing his executive authority and representative role in deciding how the United States will relate to Israel by recognizing Israel’s chosen capital, the Holy City of Jerusalem, the “Palestinians” are showing their commitment to peace by repeatedly attempting to kill Jewish children.

This past Thursday Hamas in Gaza showed their anger at the United States by firing rockets into a Jewish daycare center, normally occupied by 30-40 Jewish toddlers.  Thank G-d they decided to do this at a time the center was closed, so rather than gathering up dead children Israel only had to gather up destroyed art projects and walls.

This was followed up by a member of the Palestinian Authority decided to visit Jerusalem’s central bus station and stab the nearest stationary Jew…the door guard.  He’s in critical care in the hospital.

Not to be left out, the “Palestinians” in Yehuda (southern West Bank) ambushed and put some rifle rounds into a school bus bringing children home after school.  Again Thank G-d, it was an armored school bus and the kills shots against grade school Jewish children were stopped.

Those reading in the US shouldn’t think that such actions against Jews are limited to Israel.  On Friday in New York City, a rally was held in Times Square with the participants yelling out their goal of killing the Jews.

Let there be no doubt, for they are saying it LOUD and CLEAR…the goal is not peace, and it’s not to build a nation or a homeland.  They repeatedly say they’re going to kill, and then they attempt to (and, G-d forbid, sometimes do) kill.  Men, women, children, seemingly no difference. 

They do, of course, attempt to justify it.  But doesn’t every murderer say there was a valid justification?


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