Thursday, December 21, 2017


Made Out of Nothing

   by Reb Gutman Locks


      There has to be a reason for everything, from the tiniest drop of water to the hugest far, far away galaxy. Nothing just fell out of the sky without a reason. The Baal Shem Tov said that not only does everything come for a reason, but everything we see comes to teach us something. That's why we see it.

     So here we are in a world surrounded with matter that seems to be just stuff. What can we learn from this?

     One thing is, if we look at anything in the Universe with our bare eyes we see matter. It has form and it seems solid to us… at least when we touch it it's firm. But if we could look at any of that matter with a great microscope we would see that that matter is really made out of zillions of seemingly solid molecules, and what seems to be 99% empty space!    

     Then, if we could get an even better microscope and look at one of those tiny molecules we would see that what seemed to be a solid molecule is really made of zillions of solid atoms, and what appears to be 99% empty space!

     Then, if we could possibly find an even better microscope, and look at one of those tiny atoms, we would see that what seemed to be a solid atom is really made up of zillions of quarks and what seems to be 99% empty space.

     We could go on like this and come to gluons, and then whatever could be next, and on and on until what would we finally come to? What is creation made of?

     100% empty space! That's right. The entire creation is being made yesh me'ayin – something from nothing.

     The Universe is the ongoing creation of Hashem Who is forming emptiness into matter by holding the emptiness into form with His will. And if He would stop willing   that forming for even a moment, all matter would revert to nothing - yesh me'ayin -.

     All is being created by Hashem forming it into something from nothing every moment of time. The act of creation is ongoing.

     What can we learn from all this matter around us? Well for one thing, just as is the physical Universe being made something from nothing so are our bodies being made into something from nothing. For sure they are here now, but maybe, in any second, all this creation, including our bodies might revert to nothing. Poof! Gone!

     The Eastern philosophies say this means that this world is an illusion, so they tell their people not to get involved in it.

     The Torah says, yes it is made out of nothing, and yes it may very well revert to nothing at any moment, but while it is here it is a real creation, and in fact, it is a gorgeous opportunity…if you use it right.


  1. Beautifully put, thank you.

    Also, what you just described is the Jewish (and scientific...) basis for energy medicine.

  2. Gornisht mit gornisht!


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