Saturday, December 09, 2017

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Jerusalem and Believing Your Own Lies

by Reb Akiva


Shalom from a beautiful, chilly and rainy Jerusalem (photos from this past Thursday).  While the President of the United States was declaring Jerusalem to be recognized by the United States as the modern state of Israel’s capital, as well as the president stating the obvious multi-thousand year connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem, I merited to be in the Holy City, G-d’s gift to the Jews, with my department from work on a social work outing.

We the Jewish People, if I can be so ridiculously bold as to speak for the Jewish people, did not and do not need anyone besides G-d telling us what Jerusalem is or is not to us, or whose it is.  Anyone with the slightest open eyes or who can read the Torah, the Xian bible, or even the Koran, can see the history, view the archeological evidence, and read the religious writings of 3 religions to know so.  But that said, it was still thrilling to hear the President of the United States shake up the current absurd world political situation where countries are avoiding accepting the modern State of Israel’s right to declare it’s own capital to hold it hostage for their wildly unsuccessful ideas of how to make peace (usually via lots of dead Jewish civilians).

But the really crazy thing that’s important to recognize in this situation is that the Palestinians and much of the Arab populace, and who knows maybe their political and religious classes as well, have actually convinced themselves through their 15 years of completely ridiculous arguments and positions on Jerusalem that the Jewish people have no connection to Jerusalem, that the Palestinians have always been there, that Palestinian society has run Jerusalem for the last 15,000 years (noting that all recorded human civilized and city history is under 7,000 years), and that all the Jews arrived from Europe in the last 70 years to throw the Palestinians out (there’s been a continuous Jewish presence in Jerusalem for the last 3,000 years).

They’ve taught, published, announced on TV, and even put in their children’s school books these lies as facts…and now bought into their own stories.  If 20 years ago peace was going to have to be made dealing with terrorists who’s goal in life was to destroy Israel and kill Jews but had convinced themselves that inhumanity was ok to recover their honor of their former despised minority having returned to their own land and freedom, now peace has to be made with a whole populace that has been raised to believe they’re the supplanted minority (and therefore it’s ok to be inhuman and murder even children to recover their honor).  That may not seem like a significant distinction from far away, but on site it means MOST of their younger generation does not have to be radicalized to be convinced of their (non)righteousness – they’ve been raised to believe it.

All because educational programs funded by the EU, UN, and US Aid turned a blind eye to the CONTENT being taught.  To this day the school systems of Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank are teaching the children, from literally kindergarten, that killing is a righteous part of their lifestyle – with the books saying so paid for by the EU, UN, and US Aid.

Regardless, we trust in Hashem to protect us and see us through, and save us from the evil planted next to us and funded by the world.  And as the Torah says, we ask Hashem to bless those who bless Jerusalem and the Jewish people, and curse those who curse Jerusalem and us.  On a related note, as we watch the Palestinians riot, fire rockets at Israeli women and children, and try to burn down Jerusalem, remember…nothing shows your love and care for your holy city like trying to destroy it, burn it down, and cover it in blood.


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  1. What else can be expected from them. Pere adam. Also, if it were not for the foolishness (stupidity and collaboration) by those leading the state, they could have never gotten away with their lies and evil. This has always been the plans of the nations. But we know H' is in control of everything and b'ezrat H' soon we will see the end to this galut with the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu.


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