Tuesday, December 05, 2017

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Do It Sweetly

   by Reb Gutman Locks
      Do It Sweetly


    Eli is a rabbi who has spent most of his life learning Torah, but when I told to do a simple thing he was at a loss.

     He asked me a number of questions about meditation and he tried all that I recommended, but then he came to what he saw as a serious problem. He began to have many disturbing thoughts and asked me what to do.

     I explained that those thoughts come for a good reason showing that he is getting deeper and deeper, and that his job was to ignore them and return to the meditation subject again and again.

     He asked what if he couldn't.

     I said do not fight with those thoughts or go over them in his head, but if he could not gently return to the subject he should take them to be a sign that he was to say Hashem's Name sweetly, and then return to the subject.

     He wrote, "I'm so embarrassed, I know how to learn 4 hours gemora and tosfes in a stretch, but I don't know how to say Hashem's name sweetly..." 

     I answered; First, remember that Hashem is everywhere… as high and as far away as there is, and He is also right here in front of our lips… in our very breath…. Then think, "Abba I love you…. Thank You, Hashem for all that you have given me…really…. Then think of His Name softly…

     The Shechinah (G-d's revealed Presence) is the goal. It is the goal and very purpose of the Jew's life. "Hashem's Presence is only revealed in a place of spiritual joy."[i]  Do it sweetly.

[i] Sforno

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  1. Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Thank you for posting this!


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