Sunday, November 19, 2017

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   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     Man cannot see G-d and live.[i] Then what do we see when Hashem blesses us and reveals His Presence?

     The highest vision possible comes when Hashem opens the Heavens and reveals to us that He is truly here. This is the meaning of the word Shechinah, His Revealed Presence. His actual Presence is everywhere at all times, but His Revealed Presence is reserved for certain holy places or for rare, unique times.  

     This is the Jew's highest goal. The moment it happens, the spiritual joy… the fulfillment… the Glory and magnificence… are beyond all possible yearnings. But if we cannot see Hashem and live, what do we see?

     The reality of the Creator is beyond creation's ability to withstand. Creation stays together only when the Creator hides. This is why He hides… so His creation will be able to go on.

     When the Temple stood, Hashem's Presence dwelt there. As each Jew approached the Temple he or she would see the Shechinah according to their personal level. Some would see brightness. Some would see Glory. Some would see the Holiness that radiates from the Revelation...

     The Midrash Rabbah tells us that the Shechinah never left the Kotel. Of course, it is not now as It was in the Temple, and certainly it is not now how It will be when the Third and Final Temple comes, but still It is here. And just as each of us saw the Revelation in the Temple according to our own level back then, even more so here at the Kotel where it is so hidden, do we see It only according to our personal level now.

     Take a look and see for yourself.


[i] Exodus 33:20


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