Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Personal Prayer

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     A young religious boy and his mentor came up to me at the Kotel. They had read an interview I gave to Zman magazine.

     As always, I turned the conversation away from me and instead tried to have them grow spiritually. But it backfired. We separated leaving the conversation off at a harsher place than I would have liked. I felt really bad. I tuned an opportunity to help a couple of Jews into a fairly negative feeling… but they were gone so I couldn't do anything about it.

     I prayed, "Hashem, please, You have to send them back I so I can fix it!" I really felt bad.

     I had to go daven a long davening and about an hour later I was walking away from the Kotel when someone cut me off. I wondered why he did that, but then I looked and it was the boy rushing away. If he had not cut me off I wouldn't have recognized him.

     I grabbed him by the arm… "Wait, wait a minute…we didn't finish what we were talking about."

     I gave him and his mentor a summary of what I was trying to get across to them and then concluded the ideas in a loving way so they both walked away feeling good.

     Boy was I happy, "Thank You. Thank You, this is going into my record of one of the nicest things You have ever done for me."

     What's the point? Hashem answers our prayers when they are sincere, and they are for the good. In fact, He answers our prayers a lot more often then we realize but most of the time we are not paying attention to His answers.



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