Sunday, November 12, 2017

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More … Spiritual Benefit

   by Reb Gutman Locks

More … Spiritual Benefit


     The reward a Torah scholar receives, and the reward a struggling student receives are the same, as long as they both direct their hearts to Heaven.

     "We learned that both the one who does much and the one who does little are equally rewarded provided that each directs his heart toward Heaven"[i]

     When someone offered up an expensive cow in the Temple, it was a sweet aroma to Hashem. If they offered up a little sheep, it was a sweet aroma to Hashem. Even if they offered up flour it was a sweet aroma to Hashem. But all this was on the condition that the one making the offering directed his or her heart to Heaven.[ii]

     These sources teach; one who does more and one who does less receive equivalent rewards so long as they focus their hearts to Heaven.

    How do we focus our heart to Heaven?

    For instance, you can:

Talk to G-d as your Father…

Talk to G-d as your King…

Thank Him for all the good He has given you…

Praise Him for all His wonderous deeds…

Learn about G-d (Omnipresent, Omnipotent, One, All, Eternal, etc.) …

     This means that we should have Hashem be either the subject of our thoughts or the One we are speaking to, especially when we are doing a mitzvah.


[i] Gemora Berachos 17a

[ii] Mishnah Menachot 13


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