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Energy “Healing”? (part 1 of 2)

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
      Energy "Healing"?

(part 1 of 2)


      There are two new books written by rabbis regarding "Alternative medicine:" One called Alternative Medicine in Halacha (Jewish law) was written by a rabbi who enthusiastically recommends alternative medicine.

     The other is called "Shulchan Halevi on Alternative Medicine" was written by the son and students of a Rosh HaYeshiva who spent much time studying the teachings and reasonings of those who recommend alternative medicine.

      One of the many subjects they deal with is "energy healing". The first book says that it is perfectly permissible, while the second book condemns it completely. Who is right?


(A recent letter)

 Dear R. Gutman:

     Sometime ago I took a course in Jewish Energy Healing. In short it involved meditating on G-d's Name.

     I was sceptic because:

It took me 10 years to be a medical doctor and 10 hours to be a certified Healer. 

I was afraid of the practice because of dealing with G-d's Name.

    I asked my Rabanim but no one knew what I was talking about.

    After my non-kosher experience I made Teshuva, I was thinking there should be a kosher way to develop energy to heal, or to connect with the spiritual in a more tangible way.

    What do you think dear Rabi?


Gutman's response;

     That "energy" is VERY dangerous, and you should ignore it and never play with it. One can build it up to be so strong that others will be able to feel it…in the beginning you think that you have that energy and in the end, you will find that the energy has you! It can take two years to get it and five years of much harder work to get rid of it. Ignore and do not play with it.


     Some years ago, an Israeli man came to the tefillin stand at the Kotel and told us this story.

     His wife had very poor eyesight. She was forced to wear thick eyeglasses which she hated. She heard of an "energy healer" in Tel Aviv who claimed to be able to heal such things. She went to him, paid his fee, and he laid his hands close to her eyes. Miraculously her eyesight got much better right then and there! But she still needed those ugly glasses.

     She asked him if he could do more. He said that he himself could not do any more but if she allowed he could call on "other spirits" who could heal her eyes completely. Of course she agreed.

     He called on those "spirits" and to her entire amazement she was instantly "healed." She did not need those ugly eyeglasses anymore! A most happy Jewish woman.

     That night she was lying in bed with her husband and she started to twitch, to jerk her body around. Her husband asked her what was the problem. She started jumping around even more.

     She yelled, "Tell them to get off me!"

     She cannot control it. Her husband took her to a number of different medical professionals and none of them were able to help her. He was ready to take her to a psychiatrist!


     With this type of "energy" or "power," in the beginning you think that you have the power, but in the end, you see that the power has you.



  1. Shalom Rabbi,
    so that means, that Judaism does believe in evil spirits like so many religions do..

    Why would Gd have created evil beings?

    Christianity believes in the 'devil', and they tell how he came to becoming this evil being when he was made by Gd an angel.

    This is confusing.. Could you tell how Judaism thinks of how these evil ones came into being, and why... and does that meant that hell is real where these evil beings live.

    thank you in advance.


  2. What about the kind of energy healing that does not involve healing the physical, but healing the emotional? I have been to a healer such as this, and felt great afterwards..... now I"m wondering if I should have gone to this person.

  3. I've studied this matter extensively from a halachic point of view and also read both books.

    The only thing I disagree with in the first book on alternative healing methods is its ruling on yoga, which clearly can NOT be split off into *just* exercise, and is a thoroughly spiritual (and therefore forbidden) practise for Jews.

    The amount of makorot and sources brought in the first book was extremely impressive - it made up 2/3 of the book, and was extremely conscientiously researched.

    It also made complete sense from an Einsteinian physics point of view that clearly states energy = matter. I.e. matter is simply energy that is vibrating at a slower rate, so it appears to be more solid. This is 100% scientifically proven and is the basis of quantum physics.

    The second book, by contrast, was extremely disappointing and had almost NO sources pertaining to the matters being discussed. It was based much more on the author's subjective opinions of how 'bad' alternative health practices are and contained a number of generalized statements that really didn't help to take the debate any further along, in any useful sense.

    People are energetic beings. Electromagnetic energy is flowing through our bodies, and through the world at large. Again, this is physics, not 'kishuf'.

    The question of how we relate to ourselves as energetic beings has to be addressed in a deep, honest and NOT SUPERFICIAL way by people who really understand physics.

  4. To sz who asked about spirits. There are such things as demons and spirits, etc., but this is called the impure side. Today there are probably very few holy enough tzadikim who have the holiness and knowledge to use these energies from the pure and good side, so the ones dealing with such things are doing it from the impure (tumah) side. We know there is such a thing as the bad because G-D gave ten measures of black magic to the world and nine were in Egypt. We keep away from it and as the Rambam tells us if we know and understand this is all evil and nonsense and not believe in any of it, it will not hurt us but just to keep away from it, and have nothing to do with all this nonsense and such other things (fortune telling, etc.).

  5. To Annoymous at 4:37

    Thank you for your explanation.

    Hashem bless you.


  6. Dear Reb Gutman,

    What about "Chi?"/"KI?"

    Is this also from the darkside, or is it OK to use for healing and/or fighting with or to use for bending objects?

  7. Why not pray to the One living G-d for refuah shlemah. Hashem can heal and take all the nonscence away. Say the Shemah. There are things in this world that we should just leave alone, if Jewish we need to stay clear of evil.
    Thank you Rabbi


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