Sunday, October 22, 2017


What's Wrong with christianity?

by YOUR-NAME at Mystical Paths
- by Reb Gutman Locks        Missionaries
go out on the streets knocking on doors, looking everywhere, trying to convert anyone
they meet to their idolatry. They particularly love to convince Jews of their
foolishness and recently have been an increasing problem in Israel. What is
wrong with their beliefs? What is so bad about their religion? Well, for one


  1. What's wrong with Roman Gentile Christianity? Well its 180 degree's opposite of the messianic movement from 2000 years ago. The Jews involved were basically opposition Sadducees to keep it simple. Halachot based only on the Tanach, not the invented Pharisaic "oral" Torah. 3 out of 4 main movements did not know about this "extra" Torah. But in both cases, pharisaic Judaism and Roman Gentile xtianity, the victors rewrote history. Deal with it.

  2. LOVE this rebuttal!!!
    The One Only GD is everywhere!!
    Baruch HaShem


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