Sunday, October 29, 2017

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How Many Walls?

    by Reb Gutman Locks  
       How Many Walls?


     He came up to me with his young son at the tefillin stand and said that he had Shabbos dinner with me twenty years ago. He said that he remembered the meal.    

     I asked, "What do you remember about the meal."

     He answered, "How many walls are there in this room?"

     I laughed.

     One of the Torah's teachings that I often discuss with my guests is how all is one. One of my books is called, "There is One," and my website has that name, too.

     When people ask how can all be one when there are so many, many things here I ask them to count the number of walls in the room. Most of them say four, some, counting the small inlets as walls, say six.

     Then I explain, "There is one wall in the room and it goes from here and all the way around, turning there, and then there, and then returning to here. There is only one wall. And like this are all the distinctions in creation really only One. Hashem is One and there is no other."[i]

[i] Deuteronomy 4:35, 4:29


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