Thursday, October 26, 2017

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How Many Times a Day?

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     How many times a day should we daven (pray)? Religious Jews will tell you that we should daven three times a day, mornings, afternoons and evenings. Here they are referring to the arranged prayers that Jews have been saying throughout our history.

     But prayer is not limited to the formal prayers we say with a minyan (quorum). Prayer is simply talking to G-d…. Then how many times a day should we talk to G-d? Whenever we are not talking to another person.

     Most people go through their day talking to themselves in their head, but you are not the only one in your head. Hashem is in there, too. So, who would you rather talk to, yourself or Hashem?

     "Come on Hashem, we're late we better get going. Which bus should I take? Oy, don't let me buy the wrong coat. What should I bring home for dinner? Okay, at last, time to go to sleep. Thanks for all the good you did for me today."

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