Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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How Far!

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
    How Far!


     In the end days, "If your dispersed will be at the ends of heaven, from there Hashem your G-d will gather you in…".[i]

     I cannot imagine anyone being further away than this and having come so far.

     He came up to me at my tefillin cart and asked to take a picture of us. He knew me from my videos. He had an unusual accent, so I asked he where he was from.

       He said, "Beit Shemesh"

     "That's not where that accent is from."

     "No. It's from Germany."

     "What in the world are you doing there?"

     "That's where my grandparents are from."

     "They were in the holocaust?"

     "They were in the war."

      I looked at him confused why he answered like that.

      He explained that his grandparents were not Jews and that they fought in the war as Germans.

     He said that he first tried to convert with the Reform but after one year they said that he was too religious for them and that he should go to the Orthodox rabbis to convert. Before his conversion he was a Mormon! He said that his birth family refuses to talk with him now and that is fine with him. He is happily married with five Jewish children and works as a kosher certificate supervisor. He oversees the companies that want a kosher certificate, and even for the slaughter of chickens. This means that he is a highly trusted Jew.

     From a German Mormon gentile to a righteous Charedi Jew living in the Holy Land with five Jewish children!

     When a gentile begins to feel the need to join the Jewish People it may be just idle thinking, or it may be because a latent Jewish soul is urging that gentile to covert so it can be reunited with the Jewish People. For some reason this man who started out as a German Mormon gentile felt the need to study and work so very hard to become a respected Jew.  

    Before the end days, Hashem will gather us no matter how far we have gone, and that is just what He is doing now.

[i] Deuteronomy 30:4 


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