Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Momma Rochel

by Rebbitzen Miriam at Mystical Paths

Monday night/Tuesday is the yartzheit of Rachel Iymanu. Her burial place in Beit Lechem is crowded as thousands from across Israel come to beseech Mamma Rachel to daven (pray) on their behalf for children, shidduchim (finding one's mate),livelihood, help in raising children, martial peace etc.

Mama Rachel is known as one of the 4 Matriarchs of Judaism. The others being Sarah, Rivka/Rebecca, and Leah. In this past week's edition of Ami Living,  Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi  expounds on deeper  understanding of Mama Rachel. 
Mama Rachel is compared to the aravot, willow branches used on Sukkot. Just like the aravot are the first to wither/decay Mama Rachel died before her sister Leah at age 36. According to our Sages everything in Mama Rachel life took time. She had to wait 14 years until she married Yaakov/Jacob and to bear children. 
On Hoshannah Rabba, the seventh day of Sukkot, we use the willow in saying all of Hoshannah and beat the willows on the ground.The aravot bring us rain for which we pray for. It is through her and her decay that she is used to bring us the blessing of rain.
Rachel is called Imma/mother because of of her struggles. She understands the pain of waiting to find one's mate and of being barren. The struggles a mother endures was characteristic of Rachel's life. At her burial place she hears our cries and embraces us saying, "I know and feel your pain. It is mine too."
Just as any mother attempts to sooth a child's tears and heart so too does Mamma Rachel. What mother does not bend over backwards to provide for her child(ren) in any way possible?  For this reason the yartzheit of Mamma Rachel is the Jewish Mother's Day. It focuses on the struggles every mother endures to provide for the children.


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