Sunday, September 03, 2017

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You’re Late!

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

You're Late!


     It was around 20 minutes after sunset. We were putting the tefillin stand away at the Kotel when a platoon of soldiers came rushing in. They were sweaty and their uniforms were totally soiled as if they had been on a hard three or four days march.  A few of them were wearing knitted yarmulkes which usually means that they are Religious Zionists but the rest of them were not wearing kippas. They grabbed the tefillin and put them on saying the broucha (blessing) loudly.

     The halalcha (Jewish law) is that we are allowed to make the blessing on tefillin no later than 13 minutes after sunset so what they were doing was clearly not according to the halacha. Just then a group of Litvacher (Litvak) rabbis walked by the stand. Litvak rabbis are renowned for their rational, strictly non-mystical, non-Chasidic approach to Torah observance. They can be extremely critical.    

     From some 20 yards away, they loudly reminded me of the halacha, "It's past the time of making the blessing. Why are you allowing them to do such a thing at the Kotel?"

     I yelled back, "The mitzvah guards their lives. What can I do?"

     They nodded their heads, "Yes, alright," and they walked on.

     What do you think happens in Heaven when we all agree, especially when on the surface there seems to be good reason not to agree? Hashem smiles, nods His head, and says, "Yes, alright."


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  1. [From memory -] R. Moshe Feinstein zt"l paskens that if one hadn't put on tefillin during the day, one may put on at night. (I think he says with a brocho but I'm not sure.)
    In this case, which was before nightfall, alot would agree that even hallachically, you can make a brochoh.


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