Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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What Should a Goi Do?

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

What Should a Goi Do?


     A tourist from London came up to me by my tefillin cart at the Kotel and said, "I am not Jewish. Is it alright for me to put on a tallis?" (fringed prayer Shawl)

     I told him, "It is not forbidden for a non-Jew to put on a tallis, but you should not do it."

     He asked why and I explained.

     "G-d gave the commandment to wear a fringed garment to the Jewish men. It is a spiritual tool that we have been given to help us accomplish our job in this world. If you would put on a tallis thinking that you would be doing something spiritually correct it would take you away from the role that you have been given. You would come to think that you should do the Jewish commandments and you would not be fulfilling the role that G-d gave you."

     "You should follow the Seven Commandments that G-d has given to all the Nations of the World and you will have a wonderful life in this world and a share in the world to come."

     I gave him a pamphlet that Chabad hands out to gentiles. He looked at it and said that he already keeps the Seven Commandments. He told me that he is in a Jewish Reform congregation in London.

    "Look up on line the bnei Noah movement especially in Texas. They are very excited about their new-found path and it will be good fellowship for you. Also, there is AskNoah.org. They will answer your questions."

    That same afternoon a young man wearing tzitzits (fringed garment) came up to me and said, "We met here three years ago and you asked me if I was Jewish. I told you that I wasn't  Jewish yet but I was in the process of my orthodox conversion. Today was my mikvah day. After six years of learning."

    The final step in an orthodox conversion is going to the mikvah (emersion).

    His face shown brightly, really. I congratulated him and welcomed him, called him a Jew and yelled for Shmuli to come over. He took his hand and welcomed him warmly, too.

     What should a goi do? As a rule, they should keep the Seven Commandments and not try to become a Jew. But apparently there are some exceptions.



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