Tuesday, September 19, 2017


What If?

    by Reb Gutman Locks  

What If?


     I was talking with a very nice, young, non-religious Jewish man. He was raised religious but he did not have a great relationship with his father so as soon as he could he left. I really like the guy. The conversation went something like this.

     "How come you don't kept Shabbos?"

     "Sometimes I want to make a phone call or something."

     "That's so important?"

      He smiled comfortable with the idea that he can do whatever he wants.

      I asked. "Let's say, G-d forbid, that you are right. Let's say that after you die nothing happens, no heaven, no hell, just zero. I would still want to live my life helping people, trying to make the world a better place."

      He agreed completely.

     "So, if you are right, I have lost nothing by living as I do and following the Torah."

      He kind of agreed.

      I went on, "But now let's say that I am right, and life goes on after this one. Then what's going to happen to you?"

      His face twisted. He didn't say anything but the thought that maybe what I am saying is right made him wonder about his life and what might happen to him after he leaves this world.

     The ironic thing is that not only do the non-religious Jews lose a huge share of what will be later, but when you do it right, living a religious life is more enjoyable than a secular life. The fact is, studies show that religious people are more optimistic, therefore happier than secular people, and live longer, healthier lives. I'm having a good time. Baruch Hashem.



  1. He wouldn't have strayed away from the path in the first place if being religious had truly made him happy.

  2. this type of reasoning though, is used by xtians to convert jews via 'you have a lot to lose if you are wrong'....


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