Thursday, September 14, 2017

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Is It Wrong?

    by Reb Gutman Locks   


Is It Wrong?


From: annascheithauer

     Hi, from Brazil. Is it wrong in the Jewish perspective, to non-Jews worship several entities? Here in Brazil we a have a religion called Umbanda, its African, but it's mixed with christianity. And they worship in their daily life several "gods" in order to achieve things that they want through ritual. Is that wrong or sinful in the Jewish perspective?


Gutman's response:


     There is only One G-d… and G-d is Infinite. Although a non-Jew is allowed to believe that G-d gave certain powers to other entities, such as to a star, or to a spirit or such, no one is allowed to serve (worship) such an entity in any way. All mankind is to worship only the One, the Infinite G-d. This is our right, our privilege. We are able to serve the true G-d, and not a man made, little god.

    Follow the Seven Commandment of Noah and you will have a wonderful share in this world and later you will have a share in the World to Come, too.

Be well


1 comment:

  1. Of course it's wrong. But, the whole of S.A., Africa, Asia are full of this. First, let's see to it that our people return in teshuvah and there is, in the meantime, promotion of the Seven Laws of Noach for the nations. Those who realize the truth will seek out these Laws, but the truth is that it will only be when Moshiach is here that those who are still around will first understand and see the error of their ways. I think it will have to be miraculous for them to understand the truth.


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