Sunday, September 24, 2017


I’m Not Religious

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

I'm Not Religious


   Hz left this comment on my latest video:  Turning to G-d

    "I'm not religious but still love your short video clips. Thank you for sharing!"

My response:

     If your mother is Jewish, have a glass of wine Friday nights and say the blessing, and put on tefillin weekdays…. It's fun if you do it right…you don't have to be religious to take advantage of these beautiful things.


  1. Jews are evil. Jews are behind everything evil in this world. Jews created communism, Jews created feminism, Jews brought the slaves from Africa, Jews created the biggest lie in history claiming that 6 million of them died, Jews and Mossad did 9-11, Jews created porn, Jews are the ones pushing for mass immigration from the 3rd world to the West, Jews control Hollywood, Jews own the media, Jews control the banking system, Jews start all the wars, in short, everything evil in this world is created or caused by Jews. And the younger generation are waking up to this and that is why Jews are going into over-drive to try to censor the internet and free speech. Because Jews WILL be removed once enough of the public realizes the truth about the Jews. The future is very dark for Jews and they have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. Maybe it's time to sensor your comments section.

  3. Don't know if the above Anonymous is an anti-semite or what, but the truth is that there is truth to what he/she says. For over 3000 years, the Jews have suffered much because of the Erev Rav within our midst. These are the souls of the Egyptians that came along with the Jews at yetziat Mitzrayim (about 2 million strong). They were steeped in black magic and evil. Our Sages tell us that especially at the end of days, they will be the leaders, movers and shakers because they tend to be wealthy and wield much power in governments and industry. They were the ones to start most of the isms. But they are not of our people. Guess H' allowed them to shlep along at the Exodus to make sure there would be anti-semitism in order to keep our people from completely being lost to the nations and we are B'H still here and will always eternally be. Therefore, the non-Jews don't know and think the Erev Rav are real Jews when they are not and have been causing us tzoros for over 3000 years. They will be gone together with all our enemies when Moshiach is here.

    1. If you truly believe this, how are the Erev Rav supposed to know that is what they are/were - and if they are indeed ER, since when was divine mass extermination a just punishment for not knowing / 'ignorance'?

  4. Sounds like a sad, jealous, embittered loser, who needs to blame a whole race of people for their lack of success and misfortunes in life. Jews are a multi-faceted, complex people, some good, some bad, evil, clever, brilliant, stupid, religious, secular, atheistic, happy, sad, kind, cruel ... whatever. If they tend to be achievers, highly intelligent, etc what is evil about that?

  5. To the last Anonymous above, the Erev Rav do not have Jewish souls, so it is their souls (their nature) to be what they are. We are in the last generation of history and all the evil doers have been reincarnated to eventually get their punishment in this world. This is a subject that goes too deep for a comment and unless one knows Jewish history and mainly Torah, it is something that is too complex for the average person to understand.


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