Monday, August 21, 2017

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by Fayga @ Mystical Paths

image(More from the 14th Jerusalem Wine Festival - part 3)

Continuing about the booths around….

Down in the open area there must have been about 20-35 booths, plus food trucks, food products, mini fruit wine liqueurs, etc.

I stayed away from wineries I’m familiar with to save time plus not wanting to get drunk.  It’s customary for wine tasters to taste and…yes, I’m saying it…spit it out.  Then you ask the next booth to wash out your glass with a tiny bit of their wine (to clean it for their flavor).  This shows you know how to do tasting, and more importantly means after a few booths you are not tipsy.  However, not every booth is staffed by people familiar with this…and they then look at you kind of weird.  It’s not unusual to see many people swaying as they leave having imbibed a glass or two too many (and yes, I went with a friend a few years ago and ended up with her…throwing up on me as we left.  Ewwwwww.)

I stopped by the Herzog booth next.  The staff there was just pouring, no interest in talking to the people or doing any marketing.  They had a 2016 Rose that was lightly carbonated, but I did not like the flavor at all nor did I like that it was carbonated.  It was like drinking Rose’ soda.  Yuck.  However, and interestingly, the bottle was decorated beautifully.  A good choice only if you’re looking for a wine for decoration.

They also had one white 2016 Chenin Blanc I really liked, somewhat fruity. They has the Joyvin, which is pretty popular, but were not opening any bottles to give out samples.  People kept coming asking just it, it’s well hyped.  I bought a bottle as it was a deal at the festival, hoping it lives up to the hype for 45 NIS a bottle.

Next I was off to Tishbi…not for the wine or the chocolate (they import Valrhona chocolate from France, supposed to be amazing stuff but its “chalav nochri” – which my family holds is not kosher in Israel with “chalav yisroel” available) but for their wines preserves (wine jelly!) I love to use them in cooking.  Finding them for me can be a bit of a challenge, they are not sold anywhere in my community or town so if I want them it’s a trip to Jerusalem and even there I only know of one place in the Machane Yehuda Shuk that carries the stuff.

I normally find them for NIS 50 a jar, which is the same price as a middle end bottle of wine in Israel, so at the festival having a chance to buy them at a sale price of NIS 25…I took 6 jars.

From Tishbi I was off to Ella. I tried their 2016 Rose, very light fruity and pleasant, nice color as well.  I also tried their Riesling desert wine. Both were very nice and sweet, I took a bottle of each though the Riesling is a pretty small (desert-wine sized) bottle. I did not try any of the reds and was disappointed they were not showing any whites.

…to be continued.


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