Sunday, August 06, 2017

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What Should We Be Looking At?

   by Reb Gutman Locks

What Should We Be Looking At?


     After the fast I spoke with a fine, religious, highly respected, retired doctor at the Kotel. Somewhat tongue in cheek, I said, "It's all a mistake."

     "What's a mistake?"

     "The fast. It should be changed into a holiday and we should be happy."

      He pointed to the Kotel and said, "For this?" He meant to compare the Kotel to the Temple.

     "Look how far we have come. We should be extremely happy that we have come this far."

      He persisted, "Look how far we have yet to go!"

     "If you look for how far we have left to go you will always be sad. If you look at what we already have you will always be happy."


      A young man jumped in, "What about that rabbi who cries, screaming all the time when he prays. Shouldn't we be doing that?"

     "'Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courtyard with praise.' Nowhere does it say to keep on crying."

     "It says that the gates of tears are never closed."

     "That's because when you cry you close all of the other gates and there has to be at least one gate open since Hashem always hears our prayers."

      Even after the Moshiach comes we will still want more. We will want the Temple. And even after he brings the Temple we will still want more… and more…until we actually see Hashem's Presence. Until that happens, there will always be more to go.

     Are these fine, respectable, religious Jews recommending being sad until we are blessed with the Revelation of G-d's Presence! All of the wonderful things that we are expecting (may they all come right now) will still leave us wanting more until we see Hashem's Presence. There is nothing to want beyond that.





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