Monday, August 21, 2017

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Turning to G-d

by    Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths
     The Jewish New Year is a few weeks away.
It is a time when we come before G-d for judgement. Our deeds are put on a
scale to see if we will be judged favorably. Sadly, our bad deeds will also be

     No matter how many good deeds we have to
our credit they will not erase the evil things we have done. Only repentance,
turning to G-d can do that. If we turn away from our selfish ways because we
know that this is what G-d wants, our sins will be considered to have been done
by accident. But if we turn away from those evil deeds because we love Hashem
and His Torah, our sins will be considered as if they had been done for the
     But what does it mean to turn to G-d? What
is the sign that a Jew has truly turned to G-d?


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