Thursday, August 10, 2017

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The Aleph Bet

by Reb Gutman Locks

The Aleph Bet


     Hashem creates the Universe with the Hebrew letters and the Aleph Bet reveals the wonder of it all;


     The story of man marveling at Hashem's creation, speaking as if seeing it has just moved to something from nothing;


     Father, what good fortune has come that You have made the seven days of creation. It is as a tiny grain of completion, starting to grow, traveling on, departing, tearing away from the initial explosion heading on delivering to its fulfillment, it's precious foundation has been put.


                                                                                                               אב  Father

                                                                                                 גד Good fortune 

                                                                            (א) הו   That 

                                                                                                 ז  (days of creation)                         

                                  חטי    Grain of

                                                                               כלמ  Completion (root of (כלה

                                                                      נסע Traveling-Cause to depart

                                                            (ה) פצ   Tear away-Deliver

                                                    קר (י) Precious (root of קר)

                                             שת  Foundation-Put (root of שית)


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