Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Peace is the Goal

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Peace is the Goal


     Hashem created the world using Justice. Justice is based on Truth. This means whatever you did will come back to you; guaranteed, equal portion across from equal portion. This is exactly what you deserve.

     But Hashem saw that the world could not withstand such strict Judgement. How few of us could stand up to the Truth of our deeds? To remedy this Hashem created Mercy. Mercy comes into the world and throws down Truth so there can be Peace. Peace is the goal, not Truth.

     Remember this in your daily relationships. Treat others the way you would like Hashem to treat you.

     The Lubavitcher Rebbe put it this way, "It is better to be kind than to be right."




  1. Breslov Chassidus, Likutey Halachot says the Greatness of Hashem is His Chesed, His lovingkindness. "Olam chesed yibaneh" (Psalms)..the world is built with lovingkindness

  2. But, Truth and peace together will be only in Olam Habah. Remember, we are in the world of sheker and only after Moshiach will we know of Truth and chesed together and then we'll know of perfection. The world cannot exist on the totality of just one of them. Even kindness and mercy could wrongfully be used if there is no truth and justice.

  3. But the Bahir says that Peace is enclothed in Truth.
    Also Pirkei Avot1:18 -the world endures on 3 things, justice , truth, and peace. As is said (Zachariah 8:16) "peace and the verdict of truth shall you adjudicate in your gates.
    Ok maybe little witholding of the whole truth foor shalom bayit or mercys sake. Framing the truth in gentle words yes. Sensitivity mamash! But not to the point of obscuring truth


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