Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hate Me on the Right, Hate Me on the Left, Yell at me from the Center

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Tablet Magazine wishes to inform me that MY SILENCE ON CHARLOTTESVILLE is DEAFENING.  Not to be outdone, the Forward wants to know...

Hopefully my fellow co-religionists will forgive my chutzpah for speaking for the Klal (for us all).

To the first author, who notes they self-identify as a Jew of Color but I would merely identify as just another wonderful Jewish neshama (soul), I say first not every problem is my problem, just as I haven't heard statements or only heard basic bland ones by the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, Presbyterians, Protestants, or Baptists.  And while you are self-identifying with those on the Left and the counter-protestors, many of those groups represented have been attacking Jews, terrifying Jewish students on college campuses, and calling for my DEATH and the DEATH of those Jews living in Israel - calling for Palestine from the river to the sea.

For the second author, the same reason you didn't condemn Obama for this ties to the Nation of Islam and Jew hating black preachers.  

"The Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox leadership has, in general, refused to condemn the President’s anodyne response, and it’s embarrassing."

You know, continuously being told your opinion / statements / response are the most important thing in the world is a bit ego building.  I would appreciate if you'd dial it back before I develop an ego problem.

Seriously, both authors, why is Orthodox Judaism's positions so important after this horrific civil clash in an American Southern city?  One basically allowed to happen by the local police and local politicians. One in which both sides arrived armed and prepared for violence.  

When the communists and the nazis fight, I don't have a position.  When Hezbollah and ISIS fight, I don't have a position.  Nor should I, as they both hate me.  Rather I pray that G-d save me from their hand...of both groups and both sides.  Because they ARE coming after us...


  1. Thanks, Akiva, for your moral clarity on this issue.

    Just because Antifa isn't a household name doesn't make it any less repugnant than the Nazis, who are some of the most repugnant creatures on the planet.

    Black Lives Matter, who also joined them in their riot, is viciously anti-Israel and their platform says so.

    Both of these groups used violence in Charlottesville as did the neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

    The President did an admirable job condemning both the radical right and the radical left, as he should, and for condemning the terrorist car attack, as he should. (Where I do disagree with the President is where he said there were some good guys on both sides. I believe there were NO good guys on either side if they joined their respective protests with these radicals.) Those who condemn the President for his condemning both groups equally are emboldening the radical anti-Semitic left and should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Yaak, there was another group who had a license to protest, and they did respectfully (as Trump said). He also said that the woman who was killed was an admirable person; and he received a nice message from her mother of the deceased. Trump spoke excellently in response to the questioners after his news conference. I posted the video.

    Akiva, very insightful thoughts, as usual.

    How's the coffee table photo book coming along? :-)

  3. Shame on Amb Shapiro for his hasty reply! (On ArutzSheva)
    Is he still working for Obama?

  4. Reb Akiva

    I have had people baffled at my refusal to condemn Trump on this.
    But he spoke what needed to be said.
    Sure, some of the protesters against the Nazis were ordinary people who were against racism, but others were this horrible organised left wing/anarchist rabble who turn up to any protest and cause a commotion.

    We have them here in the UK too.

    There is another issue. That of removing Confederate statues etc.
    I cannot say if it is right or wrong. But if it sets a precedent, should we as Jews go to Rome and smash all their statues and buildings?

    Because Rome came to Israel and smashed our temple and killed over a million of us?

  5. Isn't obvious to everyone already that everything is being set up all to demonize and try to push out Trump from office. This is part of the big agenda where left is in control (just as was at the time of WWII). The nazi party, yimach shmom v'zichrom, were socialists and they were at first in alliance with the communists (the reason to go to war and depopulate humanity and then control everyone and everything). Simple history, but then it was just part of the world that was involved; now they are going for the whole globe. Trump is the outsider and against their agenda. The PTB are very powerful, but everything is being controlled by H', all to bring us to the geulah shleimah and Yidden better wake up and do teshuvah and be on the right side of the fence. The right wing kooks (the Klan, nazis) are a minority and not the threat and reminds one of the neturei karta kooks who are also a minority and not really a threat. The threat always comes from the left. Stick with H', our Father in Heaven, and miracles will abound with each passing day. Geulah is around the corner!

  6. Reb Akiva
    Thank you for this thoughtful and insightful article. Yashar Koach.


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