Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Everyone Can Help

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Everyone Can Help


      The entire world is one, a single unit, and although this end is not that end, all of it is one. Your head is not your foot, but your body is one. This means that when you do a deed, good or bad, the results of that deed go out and change the World.

     When you hear what is going on around the world it is easy to say, "Oy, Oy," and believe that the situation is out of your hands. But this is not true. Any time you want to improve the world just go out and help even a single person.

     You can help someone spiritually by showing him or her how to do a mitzvah, or you can help someone physically by giving him well needed charity. Even helping someone to cross the street makes things better.  

     This will send out your goodness into the world. The person you help will feel better and will be more likely to help someone else … and on and on, your good deed will spread further and further.

     First help the desolate if you can. Next, comes your family, then the extended family, your village, and on and on. Look for some way to make someone feel better.

     By the way, although we do not do it for this reason, any time you make someone else's life better, Hashem will make your life better, guaranteed. It's a win/win situation.



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