Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Cruising the Jerusalem Wine Festival

by Fayga at Mystical Paths

(More from the 14th Jerusalem Wine Festival - part 2)
It’s the start of (grape) harvesting season in Israel so all the wineries were not being represented by the wine makers or an owner of the winey, one and only one booth that I stopped by was the owner there. It was all PR teams showing the wines, either hired teams for the event or or the winery’s own for larger wineries that have one.

Being I had a short amount of time as well not wanting to just walk around taste everything, I was on a hunt for the good stuff. I looked for recommendations from anyone who had already attended before I arrived, and got a short list of about 3 or 5 booths to stop by that had amazing products.  Thankfully except for one I wasn’t familiar with these wineries so for me it would be a new learning experience, I was excited! 
Getting my ticket was a breeze and there were no line, thank G-d. It was very very very humid outside but no one seemed to mind.  Walking around I was shocked to see there weren’t many booths, lots of open space and it looked less crowded, although all the booths were busy.  
We'll focus on the upper area booths in this article.
The upper area had about 7 wine booths with the usual De Karina chocolate booth - they were extremely busy and people were buying the chocolate and their liquors, which are suburb by the way. I waited about ten minutes and then gave up on getting some chocolate. 
Other booths had some type of beer or cider, did not really pay attention. One cheese booth, 424 Below Sea Level specialty salts (also highly recommended), and an Italian wine glass company - which was a new one for me.
My first stop was by Capsouto. The booth was quite busy with a wait. This was my first introduction to this winery: they have O-K hasgacha and Jacques was there pouring and doing PR. I did not get a chance to speak with him but his wines were really good. I personally liked the 2016 whites- the Cuvee Albert and Cuvee Eva, though for me the Albert was better than the Eva. I also liked the Cuvee Marco 2014 a really nice red - not heavy at all. I can’t say I learned much about the winery besides the vinter Jacques having bought a vineyard here in Israel.
No other booths in the area caught my interest though one who I really wanted to taste had no Hashgacha (no kosher supervision), and a commercial wine without supervision simply can't be kosher - so that was out for me. be continued.

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  1. Dear Rabbi: is it kosher to visit an event selling non kosher wine?


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