Sunday, August 20, 2017

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A Nice Jewish Boy

   by Reb Gutman Locks

A Nice Jewish Boy


     When I asked this boy to put on tefillin he walked right over. He spoke English with an European accent.

     He said, "But I want to put on my tallis (prayer shawl). My grandfather bought it for me." I smiled thinking that even though the boy was not religious his grandfather wanted him to have a tallis. He brought the brand new tallis with him on his trip to put on at the Kotel. I showed him how to put it on. He could read the blessing in Hebrew. I was surprised. I asked him where he was from.

     He said "Germany."

     I have to admit that I do not like hearing that a Jew is living in that place.

    "What are you doing there? Come live here, you are a Jew."

    "My parents live there. Maybe latter."

     I helped him with tefillin, to read the prayers, and to open his heart praying for his family and all that he loved. When he finished we spoke for a while. It turns out that his family is Russian. They got out of Russia when they could and went to Germany. The boy speaks fluent Russian, German and English. He told me that he was now living in Brussels where he was in medical school.

     The boy was maybe nineteen years old. He had no holes in his ears for ear rings, no tattoos, no hole in his nose for a ring. He was kind, polite and intelligent. He will be a doctor and will spend his life helping people. A nice Jewish boy.




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