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Visitors to the Tomb of Aaron the Priest in Jordan Harassed (pics)

The tomb of Aharon HaKohein, the brother of Moshe Rabaynu (Moses our teacher) is located on a mountaintop near what today is Petra, Jordan.  Religious Jewish Israeli tour groups head there periodically, and here’s a report from a group that went in the midst of the current disputes and issues going on in Jerusalem (see Day of Hairy Armpits).  Here’s their report and pictures…

A group of ultra-Orthodox Jews who were staying in Jordan on the occasion of the Aharon Cohen ceremony and visiting his tomb, say that after the shooting at the Israeli embassy in Amman, ​​Jordanian police raided their hotel and announced that "Jews are forbidden to pray in Jordan".  The rabbi leading the tour said “it has become very tense in Jordan in light of the incident at the embassy, and there reports of severe harassment of Jews who are visiting Jordan.  The situation is tense. They do not let us pray at all." The Jordanian policemen told them that "in all of Jordan it is forbidden to pray to the Jews." "We are not allowed to pray in the morning, without tefillin, without a prayer shawl, without anything - we must not pray, even in the hotel, even in the room."

"Policemen came into the hotel and shouted and went wild and in a minute they would take us out of Jordan if we did a little squeak and told us, 'Whoever prays we will take him to jail.' "When we arrived at the border crossing, everything was fine, everyone behaved politely, we passed all the checks and everything went well, and suddenly, after they realized that we were a group from Jerusalem, we understood from the instructors that the story of the Temple Mount caused them to turn over us. They decided that they wanted to reexamine all the suitcases.  After we went through border check everything was fine, then they took us over again, began checking the suitcase and checking everything, refusing to transfer books, removing the prayer shawls, removing the tefillin. They even took took the skullcaps, and people remained with only a shirt and trousers. "

"A few of us saw what was happening and were able to move our items aside and keep them.”

Pictures from the Kever (Tomb) of Aharon HaKohein, Aharon the Priest and brother of Moses…

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