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The Purpose

​   by Reb Gutman Locks  

The Purpose


     The Talmud says the reason G-d created the universe was so His creatures could be in awe of Him.[i]

     The Ramchal, the Ashkenazi Litvak perspective of Torah, teaches that the purpose of creation is the revelation of Hashem's Presence.

     Chabad, the Chassidic perspective of Torah, teaches that the purpose of creation is for man to make the lower world a dwelling place for Hashem.

     They are all saying the same thing albeit in slightly different ways.

     Hashem is Infinite and the Infinite has to be everywhere. But Hashem wants us to have freewill so we will earn our reward. In order to do this Hashem has to hide Himself. If we could see that He is truly here no one would choose to sin.

     Although He is everywhere, that is not our experience. Our experience is that we are here, and in truth, we are here. The Torah tells us that Hashem created the world, so the world and all that is in it are really here.

     The Eastern religions and philosophies teach that this world is an illusion.

     X-ianity teaches it is controlled by evil!

     The Torah teaches that even though creation is made out of nothing, and even though some day it will revert to nothing, for now it is something and this something is really here. And if we succeed in fulfilling our purpose for having been created and placed here, then this world will have been the most gorgeous opportunity possible.

     Shechina does mean G-d's Presence as most people believe. G-d is present in all places at all times. Shechina means the revelation of G-d's Presence, and this is the goal those three sources are referring to.

     No one can see G-d and live, but in His kindness the Heavens can open and allow us to see that He is truly here. We do not actually see Hashem. What we "see" is the awesome glory that radiates from His Presence ... the brilliant splendor that announces the King's Presence.

     How do we open the Heavens? The door in the Temple was locked at night. In the morning the Kohen would come to unlock it. Next to the door was a small hole in the wall. With the key in his hand the Kohen reached in through that hole and unlocked the door from the inside. Why all this trouble? To show that we have to do all that is proper for that gate to open. We have to walk up to that gate with the key in our hand, but the gate opens from the inside out, from the higher to the lower.

     Hashem opens the Gate to Heaven and we have to do all we can to please Him so in His mercy He will open it for us too.

[i] Shabbos 31 b


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