Saturday, July 22, 2017


Killing & Dying for their Bloody Honor

imageDuring Friday’s Day of Hairy Armpits, the Arab “Balastinain” leadership arrived at the riots in their luxury vehicles with diplomatic plates.  Sipping black Turkish coffee heated in over the open fire of a burning tire in a finjan (Arab long handled coffee pot), the leaders in their dry cleaned and pressed jalabiyahs (Arab style robes) extolled the crowds to riot and attack the security forces for NOT blocking access to their holy site – while the praying crowds pointed their anuses towards their holy shrine.

Following the instructions of these revered leaders of the Religion of Peace™, the crowds surged forward attacking the Israeli security forces who were NOT blocking the entrance to their mosque – merely requesting that they form lines and pass through metal detectors to prevent the entrance of deadly weapons.  The dishonor of being requested to queue could not be tolerated!

And 3 Arab youth died in the riots.  The Arab “Balastinian” leadership finished their coffee, re-entered their luxury vehicles, and drove home feeling a job well done…blood spilled, martyrs created, passions inflamed.  Classical demons from traditional fantasy stories could not have done better.

Friday night a Arab youth who’s passions had been inflamed by “the threat to the mosque and the Israeli raping of “Balestinian” women” (on a side note, the Israeli army is frequently accused of raping “Balestinian” women without proof, and alternately accused of racism for REFUSING to rape “Balestinian” women), this young man invaded an Israeli village, broke into a home where a family was celebrating the birth of a new grandson at a Friday night religious dinner, and stabbed a whole family to death.  The attacker’s mother released this statement, "I am proud of you, my son, and I hope that Allah will receive you."

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority in the 11th year of his 4 year term, promptly broke diplomatic ties with Israel and called a meeting of the United Nations Security Council…for shooting the youth in the midst of attempting to stab the family children after he successfully stabbed the grandfather, the father, the sister, and the grandmother to death (the grandmother survived).  Amazingly the youth also survived and was taken for treatment, and sadly Israel does not have the death penalty. 

The “Balastinian” leaders are smiling as they have ignited yet another holy war.  It is written in the Midrashim that Pharoah bathed in the blood of Jewish children… yet we watch in our time as the “Balestinian” Arabs bathe in the blood of their own children AND our children.  And the U.S. liberals, and E.U., and U.N. praise them for doing so and condemn Israel for trying to stop it.

Insanity reigns.

May G-d revenge the blood of the innocents.

Post-Article Update…

In solidarity with the “Balestinians” for not being able to freely arm themselves in a peaceful holy site and murder Jews with impunity, the Chicago Sluts have banned “Zionist or Jewish displays” from it’s upcoming August Slutwalk.  In defending the decision to exclude the Jewish women, the SlutWalk organizers aggressively justified the action.  “Balestinian” displays will be allowed and appreciated, even though if a Slutwalk was attempted in Ramallah or Gaza the walkers would promptly be killed.  Amazingly, this is not parody.

Yet, as a religiously observant Jew, I have to admit to being less than upset that Jewish women in Chicago are being denied the “freedom” to publically flaunt themselves as “Dykes” and “Sluts” (their terms, not mine). 


  1. I don't even know where to begin.... Baruch Dayan haEmett. Hashem yikom damam.

  2. Regarding their "slutwalk" - sluts don't discriminate!


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