Monday, July 24, 2017

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Jew in Jordan Stabs Himself (in the back), then Shoots 2 Muslims

imagePeople keep trying to make logical sense out of the current situation in Israel, and now Jordan and Turkey (more on that below), such as pointing out that large mosques in Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia all have metal detectors and security procedures for entry.   Examples, “Just went through a metal detector at an amusement park. No riots. No violence. Nobody murdered in cold blood.”  “Are you "denied access" to the airport, because you have to go through a metal detector?”  And a classic “man! Israelis are so bigoted because they installed a metal detector so they won't be killed.”

But that’s yesterdays riots…ah, news.  Todays news is…

In a residential building that’s part of the Israeli embassy complex in Jordan, 2 Jordanians were shot and killed when an Israeli embassy security guard stabbed himself and then shot a 17 year old Jordanian furniture repairman who was helping him position the knife in his chest.  A second Jordanian was also shot, apparently because of the stabbed Israeli’s poor aim while bleeding upon his gun.  Both Jordanians died from their wounds. 

The Jordanian authorities prevented the injured Israeli with diplomatic immunity from being evacuated to Israel for treatment, and have surrounded the embassy complex to protect it in case the stabbed dying Israeli should attempt to attack again. 

Not to be left out of anti-Jew news, Turkey joined in…

The Turkish president decried the physical attacks on Jewish synagogues where attackers declared “the Zionists (didn’t) block worship at the mosques in Jerusalem, so we will defile, destroy, and block your entry to synagogues in Turkey”.  The Turkish president said ‘rights violations in Jerusalem may never be grounds for Muslims to violate the rights of others’ though Turkish security forces were NOT deployed to stop the attacks or protests.  The protestors did not note that the synagogues have metal detectors at their entrances to prevent concealed armed entry. 

UPDATES since I started writing this article…

- Apparently the Israeli security guard did not stab himself with a knife but rather borrowed a screw driver from the furniture repairman with which to stab himself.  Lucky for him the repairman was nearby!

- Apparently the Israeli security guard needed help from the repairman because he wanted to stab himself IN THE BACK.  It’s understandable he’d ask for help, being hard to reach and apply enough pressure by oneself.

- The father of the helpful furniture repairman described his son as a “martyr for Allah”.

(For the sarcasm impaired, I am taking actual statements from a mix of Arab propaganda…ah, I mean news…sites and joining them together in the apparent Arab view of this news story.  The headline on the British “The Guardian” almost reads exactly as mine above.)

UPDATE 2 – You can’t make this stuff up…

“Family says he didn’t do it…but if he did he’s a martyr”



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