Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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How Will It End?

   by Reb Gutman Locks

How Will It End?


     Thank you Aaron for pointing out that my statement that someday the world will revert to nothing is not universally accepted.

     As most often the case, there is more than one accepted opinion. On this most mystical matter the majority of the most respected seforim (Jewish books), hold like the Ramban, that after the resurrection of the dead and the World to Come happens, life will be more or less the same as it is now in this physical world but it will be more spiritual, at least on the level of Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden).

     There is also a legitimate opinion that after all the judgement and resurrection of the dead, the World to Come will a world of souls.

     "For in the Rambam's view the principal setting for man's ultimate reward and punishment is not the world of resurrected life but the World of Souls, and it is about this world of disembodied souls that Rab spoke when he said that 'the righteous sit with their crowns on their heads and delight in the radiance of the Divine Presence.' It is to this world of pure spirit that the soul enters upon death and to which it will return after its resurrected body dies. For Rambam maintains that the state of resurrection is not permanent. Rather, those deserving of resurrection will be resurrected and live the unusually long, happy lives of the idyllic Messianic period that culminated life on this earth – eating, drinking, and procreating, just like the people born initially in that epoch.  Eventually, however body and soul will again separate with the souls of the deserving returning to the eternal World of Souls to delight in the Divine Presence forever.

     "Fundamentally, however, all agree that man's eternal state is a sublime spiritual one - whether the spiritual life of pure soul (Rambam), or that of the soul reunited with an ethereal purified body (Ramban)." [i]

     Either way is fine with me. Please G-d, we will merit to see for ourselves.

[i] Artscroll Sanhedrin Appendix (The World to Come)


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  1. Read "Anticipating the Redemption and Yearning for Moshiach":


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