Friday, July 21, 2017


Day of Hairy Armpits

by Reb Akiva at the Mystical Paths Grill

imageLast week two Arab terrorists attempted to spark a HOLY WAR as well as earn their place in their version of heaven by sneaking weapons onto the Temple Mount and into the mosques located there, in Jerusalem, Israel, and subsequently having a gun battle with Israeli security forces and killing 2 police officers.

(It should be noted that Israel cares sufficiently about Muslim sensibilities to staff the security forces on the Temple Mount with non-Jewish officers and Arabic speaking officers.)

Having murdered 2 Israeli officers as well as shooting up the place, the Israelis closed the facility to search for weapons and investigate the attack…

OUTRAGE!  The nerve of Israel dishonoring Muslims by closing access to their mosques!!!  Ichbin al Yahud, KILL THE JEWS! 

The Israelis reopened access 24 hours later, having concluded their investigation and having FOUND ADDITIONAL WEAPONS in the mosques.  They then installed metal detectors at the entrances to prevent any additional weapons from being brought in.  (And it should be noted there have been non-Muslim attack attempts against the mosques in the distant past.)

OUTRAGE!  The nerve of Israel dishonoring Muslims by requiring them to walk through metal detectors on the way to their mosques!!!  Ichbin al Yahud, KILL THE JEWS! 

imageThey declared this Friday a DAY OF HAIRY ARMPITS, and with their asses facing their mosques and the Temple Mount as they prayed at the entrances (apparently they show their need for the holiness of the place by mooning it), following which they demonstrated how they are the religion of peace by rioting, attacking the Israeli security forces, and generally tearing up the place (another way of showing their love and appreciation for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount – by destroying it to the extent possible).

The President of the Palestinian Authority stepped up his involvement in the peace process by calling Trump’s son-in-law to demand that the U.S. order Israel to remove the metal detectors.

One might think that some of what I wrote above is inaccurate or an exaggeration, but one would be wrong.  Trying to think along these lines boggles the Western mind, as well as the Jewish mind.  There is no logic to it, not even a convoluted political calculus.  Nor is there any type of fairness or justice argument.  What there is, is an HONOR position.  They are DISHONORED that the Israelis have taken an action, regardless of the reason.  Because of their HONOR, they are permitted to take any action they wish, including killing people or authorities.  And even if they harm themselves, their positions, their neighborhoods or property or holy site, if it’s done as a response to a DISHONOR, they are HONORABLE for doing so.

Welcome to the logic of the Middle East.

Photo – Butts facing the Temple Mount during Islamic prayer.  Nothing shows your love of a holy site like showing it your anus.



  1. Brilliant! So funny, especially the bit about the ragheads flashing their backsides to 'heaven'(I'm English and we love that kind of humour). Time to give the Arabs a dose of what we have to continually suffer.

  2. Note that they are bowing to IDF soldiers. Genesis 27:29 "Nations shall serve you and kingdoms shall bow down to you; you shall be a master over your brothers, and your mother’s sons shall bow down to you. Those who curse you shall be cursed, and those who bless you shall be blessed."

    Another Biblical prophesy fulfilled.


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