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A Time of Favor

​   by Reb Gutman Locks 

A Time of Favor


     Some yeshiva students asked me for a Torah source for something I say to Jews when I help them to do a mitzvah. "The mitzvah opens the door to Heaven." This means that doing a mitzvah brings a time of favor and that when we do a mitzvah we should take advantage of this and pray for our loved ones. They were not against my point, but wanted a Torah source for it.

     The teaching is well known and there are many places we find the idea being taught. But first think what would happen if a subject of a King did something very bad for the King. Would that be an ideal time for him to ask the King for a favor? No way. Well, if doing something wrong brings a time of disfavor with an earthly King then certainly when we are talking about the Father of mercy should we know that doing something this King wants us to do will bring a time of favor.

     If that metaphor is not a good enough source, then see what Rabban Gamaliel said.[i] "Do His will as you would do your own will, so that He may do your will as He does His own will." This shows that if we do what Hashem wants us to do, i.e. the mitzvah with a full heart, then He will do what we want Him to do with His full heart.

[i] Pirkei Avot 2:4

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  1. Rabbi Gutman makes sound logical sense.

    However what makes logical sense does not always make sense spiritually. Shmuel HaNavi was convinced David's brother was G_d's anointed. Logic (the best human tool) can sometimes lead the unwary to torah interpretation error entrapment, whereby the logic is so sound one can't let go.

    The Yeshiva students are quite right in asking for torah sources -a very useful habit for any student (anyone actually) who questions everything to have.


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