Thursday, June 29, 2017

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When Bringing a Chair…

​   by Reb Gutman Locks  

When Bringing a Chair…


     I've noticed that there are two very different schools of thought in our morning minyan … at least when it comes to getting a chair.     

     Since I am the first one to arrive in my minyan one of my daily activities is to set up. For many years I set up everything, but then a few years ago I decided that it is better if everyone helps. So now I set up just the 5 tables, a couple of the table cloths, some 20 stenders (book stands) and some 5-10 chairs and siddurs (prayer books) leaving some of the work for others.

     Then later when the minyan arrives, if everything is taken and someone goes to get a siddur or a chair, I see which school of life he comes from… or maybe better yet, which school of life his mother came from. If they walk over to the place where the chairs are stacked, or to the bookcase and come back with one siddur, or one or two chairs which they then sit on, I think, "Oh, oh, his mother forgot to teach him a very important Torah lesson when he was a little boy."

     "If I am (only) for myself, what am I?"

      This morning, someone took the chair that was prepared for Rabbi Weiss so he went to get one for himself. Here he is pictured dragging 12 chairs over to the minyan! Rabbi Weiss is (thank G-d) in his 93rd year. Now what does this say for those young guys who go and come back with just enough for their own needs? How different is the life they live!

     G-d bless all the Rabbi Weiss(s) in the World…G-d bless all those who help others.



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