Friday, June 23, 2017


What to do with x-ians Who Come to the Kotel

   by Reb Gutman Locks 

What to do with x-ians Who Come to the Kotel


     My recent article about the Fijian and other x-ians coming to the Kotel and praying loudly drew a lot of attention. I see now that I should have included what I think might be at least a partial solution to the problem.

    There are certain rules that are enforced at the Kotel. There is a guard stationed by the entrance to the men's side who sees to it that only males enter the men's area. They also insist that all (males) cover their heads when they are at the Kotel and have kippas there for them to use. I wonder for the need for non-Jews to cover their heads as this is a Jewish custom that was never intended for the non-Jews.

     I am pleased to say that the guard also insists that anyone wearing a cross around their necks (or wherever) put it under their shirts. I have never seen any of them complaining about having to hide their crosses when they come into our Holy Place.

     What I see that is almost entirely missing[i] is some type of outreach to the millions of gentiles who come to the Kotel instructing them as to what Hashem wants of them. We are obligated to be a light unto the Nations and there is no better opportunity than this to fulfill that obligation.

[i] The Chabad tefillin stand has these printed but hands out only a few a day.


  1. That sure is a good breath of relief !!

    Thank you Reb Locks.

    Yes, being a light unto the nations, is what Jews were chosen for. So much i had leared from you and from other Jewish blogs, suddenly all seemed to change with some blogs, and only hateful things were spoken of against non jews, that i began to fear the Jews.

    I just turn to Hashem now, and Hashem does help. BH.

    Its better to fear no one only Gd, so from this hate attitude i have gained. BH.


  2. Why can't the Kotel Authorities put up big signs along the Kotel Wall like in a library that one may not pray so loud as to disturb others, otherwise they will be fined (or something like that)?

  3. You can't argue or even reason with X-ians! They won't even read their own patristic literature! Marcus Minucius Felix wrote in circa 200 CE, attributing to the X-ian, Octavius Januarius, the following words in response to a pagan named, Caecilius Natalis:

    "Crosses, moreover, we neither worship nor wish for. You, indeed, who consecrate gods of wood, adore wooden crosses perhaps as parts of your gods. For your very standards, as well as your banners; and flags of your camp, what else are they but crosses gilded and adorned? Your victorious trophies not only imitate the appearance of a simple cross, but also that of a man affixed to it. We assuredly see the sign of a cross, naturally, in the ship when it is carried along with swelling sails, when it glides forward with expanded oars; and when the military yoke is lifted up, it is the sign of a cross; and when a man adores G-d with a pure mind, with hands outstretched. Thus the sign of the cross either is sustained by a natural reason, or your own religion is formed with respect to it." (Taken from Chap. XXIX, The Octavius of Minucius Felix).


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