Sunday, June 04, 2017


Occupied London

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

(Ma'aaan News) Last night the infidels ran in terror before the holy warriors in Occupied London, with the ango-saxon settlers falling before the holy strength of the Yihadats, who kindly told them prior to their untimely deaths that that "this is for allahaha".

All know that London, as well as last weeks holy attack site of Manchester, are occupied territory.  This is because of the hedethe which states that after the priest returned from this nighttime ride to the 'furthest motel' - which all know meant but wasn't written and subsequently interpreted 800 years later to mean Jerusalem - that his 3rd cousin twice removed borrowed his winged convertible and flew to the 'furthest tower', which now that Musselmen have moved there is clearly known to mean the Tower of London.  Afterwards the 3rd cousin twice removed made a brief side trip to Manchester, to check out the site of the future football team, and bunked there overnight, automatically meaning it's musselman territory.

The London settlers have clearly fallen in fear before the holy Yihadats, as their authorities now advice them to RUN AWAY, HIDE from the strength of the Yihadats, and TELL their children to cry in fear.  The Yihadats have broken the back of the infidels, who's leaders used to say (June 4, 1940) "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We will never surrender", while on June 4 2017 they say "RUN HIDE TELL".

Just as the Jews will soon run from Israel, the Brits will soon run from London and Manchester.

We have defeated them...and they still cannot even speak our name.


  1. Great insight and humour. The fear of islamophobia is so strong in UK, and the "Stockholm syndrome", that the elites are incapable of grasping the difference between a police issue and a state of war set up by a fascist totalitarianism (Jihad and wal bara). I like your views and I'll come back to your website, thanks.

  2. How are you coming along with publication of a coffee table book of your Israel the beloved photos??
    Next, you need an international paper to pick up your political/tongue-in-cheek essays for all to be amused and informed.
    It could mean "money".


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