Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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G-d is One!

   by Reb Gutman Locks

G-d is One!


     An x-ian from Germany came up to me at the tefillin stand. He had seen one of my videos on Hinduism and wanted to tell me that he too had been in India and tried their belief but then returned to his religion.

     I used my standard explanations that are the best to quickly show them why they should not follow that religion, but as usual; being an x-ian he did not want to listen. It is so surprising that they openly contradict themselves, but still feel there is no problem with their belief.

     "Is G-d in the heart of the devil?"

     "G-d created the devil."

     "That's not the question. Is G-d in the devil's heart?"

     "No. He is in my heart"

     "They cheated you. They gave you a little god. Your god is not everywhere. The G-d of the Bible is Infinite. The Infinite has to be everywhere."

     "That's right. G-d is everywhere. G-d is Omnipresent."

     "Only worship the G-d Who is everywhere. Now the real problem comes with yushka, that guy they crucified 2000 years ago.

     "You shouldn't call him that. It's derogatory. His name is jeshua."

     "The Torah says that we should not let the names of their gods come across our lips. It's forbidden to even say his name…. They went to his grave on the fifth day. Was he in the grave on the fifth day?"

     "No, he was arisen."
     "Well, if he is not in the grave he is not everywhere. Don't worship him."

     "He is at the right hand of G-d."

     "Don't worship the right hand of G-d. Worship G-d."

     "He was the son of G-d."

     "When you pray to G-d do you call G-d your father?"

     "Then you are the son of G-d. Why are you telling me that that guy was the son of G-d? G-d is the Father of all."

      A man came up, handed him something and walked away. He said that he was his father. Then he said that his father and mother were x-ians, but both of them were Jews.

     "How do you know?"

     "Because all of my grandparents were Jews."

      Living in Germany his parents must have thought it safer to convert and not be known as Jews. I asked him a couple more times about his grandparents and he was positive that they were Jews.

     "If your mother's mother was a Jew then your mother is a Jew, and if your mother is a Jew, you are a Jew."

     "I know. I've always known that I'm Jewish."

      I pulled his arm and said, "You are a Jew you can put on tefillin. I put tefillin on him and had him read the Shema in English.

    "You just read that G-d is One. G-d is not three like they taught you."

      He wouldn't listen. I gave him my email address and he wrote a couple of times and I answered him but it seems he has stopped responding.

      They teach x-ians if they even begin to have a doubt about yushka they will burn in hell forever. The last thing I told him was a quote from their book.

     "If you do not know what kind of tree it is look at its fruit."

      He nodded approval.

     "And the fruit of that man has been that more Jews have been killed in his name than in any other name in history."

      He walked away apparently unchanged, totally comfortable with all of his contradictions, but the information is in his head. Let's see if anything happens.



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