Tuesday, May 16, 2017


To Be Kind

   by Reb Gutman Locks

To Be Kind


     A teenager came up to me at the Kotel early in the morning and asked,     "Which is worse, not to be kind to someone or to steal from him?"

    "Not to be kind to someone is stealing from him."

     Kindness is an expression of love and we are commanded to love one another. To withhold our kindness from someone is like not paying an employee his wages. That's stealing!

     It's a lot easier to be kind to others when you are feeling kind to yourself. If you are harsh on yourself most likely you will be harsh on others.

     So how can you be kind to yourself, especially if you do not feel it? The same way you are kind to your kids. You get a lot more cooperation from the kids when you treat them kindly than when you treat them too strictly.

     Be kind to yourself. It's nice now and it pays off later too.



  1. You've posted quite a bit about yoga and other not kosher forms of healing, like energy healing.
    Im very into holistic things and I recently read an article about the healing power of crystals...Do you think that is avodah zorah? If I purchased crystals from a store like amazon? Or do you think it is in some way connected to avodah zorah and to be avoided?

  2. I googled crystal healing and this came up. Certainly you do not want to become involved with Psychic healing...Stones to develop psychic gifts...
    Charoite Crystal Pendant. Lapis Lazuli Pyramid. ...
    Amblygonite Crystal. Lilac Lepidolite Sphere. ...
    Black Tourmaline Egg. Chiastolite Pendant. ...
    Rose Quartz. Smokey Quartz Transmitter. ...
    Burmese Citrine Cluster. Natural Peridot Point. ...
    Green Prehnite Pendant. Fuchsite Mica. ...
    Pink Danburite Crystal.

  3. Rabbi Gutman,

    I have a very, very frum relative, a Belzer of all things, who actually practices crystal healing, here in Jerusalem. If you knew the last name you would be floored: as Kosher as they come, a very, very Torah observant family, no question about them whatsoever. Yet that is what she does, she knows and uses the power of stones. Just like flowers have certain healing powers. Is that magic? What is different between this and medications? What if touch or sight can heal instead of a cream or a pill? If it heals, if there is no magic, no sorcery, no amulets involved, just the stones themselves, the properties of the stones, like the Kohen Gadol had on the Choshen Mishpat? I believe stones do have certain properties, they are composed of specific molecules, arranged in a certain manner and they do influence their environment. For instance silver is used for healing, so is gold. Magnets heal too, electricity heals, oxygen heals, etc. I don't see any idolatry in that as long as it is not used as an amulet, as magic, instead of being associated with Tefillah. So why not emerald/aquamarine - beryl (Be3Al2Si6O18), why not calcite (CaCO3), why not corundum - sapphire, ruby (AlO3), or why not quartz ( SiO2)? Hashem created all of those, and each have amazing power stored in them, it is just a matter of discovering those qualities and using them for healing, with no avoda zara attached to the healing process whatsoever. Shlomo Hamelech knew so many secrets, Adam Harishon knew so many secrets of nature, why would Jews close themselves up to those very same secrets, to knowledge?

    What do you have to say to that, Rav Gutman???


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