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The Holocaust: Why?

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

The Holocaust: Why?


     Without doubt, my worse subject; not only because I cannot stand thinking about the murder and torture of millions of innocent Jews, but also because I do not understand why Hashem let it happen.

     First off, know that whenever something happens we are obligated to ask, "Why did this come?" The Baal Shem taught that everything that comes to us comes for a reason and we are to learn these experiences. This is true not only for the negative things that come into our lives, but also the positive things, too.

     Next, know that we can never say why something bad came to another person. We just do not know what they did or did not do to bring such a thing upon themselves.

     Having said that: Still, we cannot help but notice some things about the insanely cruel treatment that was forced upon these Jews. First, I believe we all agree that the vast, vast majority, if not 99% of those Jews were totally innocent. Surely they did not do anything that obligated them for torture and death. But when we look at the way the torture was given we cannot help but to draw some conclusions.

     After 2,000 years of harsh exile, in the early 1900 's, the then controllers of the Land of Israel, the British, announced Jews could go live and settle in the Land. It became publicized with the Balford Declaration. But the Jews said, "No." They did not come.

     Eighty percent of the Jews did not come out of the Egyptian slavery. They preferred slavery to going into the wilderness trusting in Hashem. They perished in Egypt.

     Eighty percent of the Jews did not come out of Babylonia. They preferred the "luxuries" of that exile.

     And some eighty percent of the Jews in European countries did not survive. They apparently said, "If we go to Israel we will starve to death. The Land cannot support us." They were starved to death by the Nazis (YMS).

     Apparently, before the horrible, senseless Holocaust the Jews of Europe were trying to intermingle with the gentiles and hide their Jewish identity. At least that seems to be a reason for those evil people forcing us to wear the infamous yellow stars with "Jude" written on it.

     Also on this subject, the intermarriage rate in America today is 85%! Looks like, (G-d forbid) 80% of the Jews in America are not going to survive that land of "prosperity".

     My looking to make some kind of sense out of the Holocaust does not suggest that I am saying that the Holocaust was justified. Surely Hashem could have found a solution to bring all of us home without that cruelty.

     Those without an answer often try to blame it on sins of previous incarnations. I am not comfortable with that attempt at all. Some say we needed a tremendous sacrifice and Hashem only accepts pure offerings. Again, I am not happy with this, or with any other answer, but recently a thought came that might have something to do with it.

     Whatever sin we did 2,000 years ago that caused this horrible exile incurred a punishment too great for one generation to withstand. So Hashem spread the punishment over many generations. But the accumulative merit of the Jewish people became so great that we forced the fixed date of the Final Redemption to be moved forward. But the sin that caused this exile had to be spread over another 200 or 300 more years, until the year 6000, so Hashem sacrificed those innocent Jews to have the remaining punishment for the sins that brought this exile to be paid off in one generation. It's done. The bill is paid.

     Now nothing is outstanding. There is nothing to prevent it. Hashem can bring the total Redemption right now…The Moshiach can appear…All the Jews from all over the world can come home now, all at once…the 3rd and final Temple can come either made of fire from the sky or from rapid earthly construction…the Resurrection of the dead can happen…and the full Revelation of Hashem's Presence forever. He can do it all right now. Please G-d, right now. This is what we want.  


  1. There is countless reasons though one of the main ones is the fact that Jews listened to the bad advise given by religious leaders of the era to stay put in Europe rather than leave from the time of the first Aliyah and before up to WW2, whether it was out of ideological grounds or other less than altruistic reasons in retrospect they were wrong.

    Even if their concerns about Jews becoming secular in Israel were accurate (and am not denying it was likely the case), saving Jewish lives is more important and besides the post-war Baal Teshuva movement would have brought many Jews back in comparison to Jewish survivors who lost their faith / believe in Hashem as a result of listening to bad advise by leaders to stay put and not leave.

  2. Read "The Har Nof Massacre –Is There Any Lesson to Learn?":

    Read "World War III, Geulah, Moshiach and Tefillah":

  3. @Jesterhead45 - Do you really think that the Jewish members of the Reichstag and their secular ilk were listening to what Jewish religious leaders had to say?

  4. @crazy smade

    Of course not. Though was not referring to the secular and the assimilationists of the era who delusionally believed that every European capital was a "New Jerusalem", rather am referring to the Jewish religious leaders who wrongly advised Jews to stay put in Europe prior to the outbreak of WW2 and dismissed the warnings of people like Ze'ev Jacobinsky largely on ideological grounds.

    After all there were many Jewish victims who were at least traditional enough to be receptive to the words of religious Jewish leaders, only for the latter to tell the former to stay put every time the subject of leaving Europe was brought up until it was too late.

  5. The shoah was too big a horror for any one of us to think that we know the reasons. H' does things in mysterious ways that He Alone understands. The reasons listed above all make sense but our thinking is not His.

    As far as Jews not seeing what was happening and also listening to the rabbis that warned them not to come to Eretz Yisroel, am very sure there were many who just couldn't afford it and also elderly Jews. No one can say or speak for others. The truth be too, many saw the evil of the Erev Rav who were behind the bolshevik zionism but, of course, could never perceive the evil that was awaiting them in Europe. Who would contemplate that there could be such evil in 'civilized' Europe at that time?

    Believe, the end reason was that this was the way the 'nation of Israel' was able to return home as a nation because they got the okay from the nations of the world (who have always hated us (& still do). Without the horrors of the holocaust, the nations would probably never allowed us the return. H' makes the process of geulah come in a natural way; only when Moshiach comes, will we have the supernatural! oNLY H' knows why, what and when.

  6. @ Jesterhead45 - Well said. Sadly, there will be no place for the Jews to live in safety and security until the inner-Amalek (Yetzer HaRa) is removed from the human equation by HaShem Himself. IMO, there's no way that humanity will ever subjugate and tame their Yetzer HaRa in sufficient numbers to make a significant difference in this world. Would that I had a pair of rose-colored glasses....


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