Tuesday, May 02, 2017

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It’s Not About Israel…Israel is to Blame

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


For generations they have attacked the Jews on holidays.  Non-Jewish holidays and Jewish holidays.  Pogroms were started on Passover, attacks planned on Rosh Hashanah.

The Nazi’s, their names should be blotted out, specialized in it – a special torture for Jews.

The Haggadah reads…in every generation they rise up against us…

But America was safe, and Europe protective after the Holocaust, and Israel while fighting wars was, thank G-d, building a new nation of Jews in the Land of Israel, the land given by G-d to the Jewish people.

Today the barbarians and murderers attack the Jews as always…they kill them in a supermarket in France, they shoot up a Jewish Community Center parking lot in the U.S., they try to blow up a synagogue in Belgium.  Times have changed, safety is fading away.

But the anti-semites are back too.  They pass BDS resolutions on Passover.  On Israel Independence Day, they declare Jerusalem, the Holy City of King David, to have no ties to the Jewish people.

While ISIS beheads, performs mass murder live on the Internet, and practices literal slavery, the Jews and Israel are to blame.

While Syria murders its citizens on a genocidal scale with chemical weapons, the Jews and Israel are at fault.

While Turkey bombs civilian Kurdish villages, the Jews and Israel are the threat.

It may seem we’ve gone back in time, but with the blessings of Hashem the Jewish people have built a vibrant and dynamic home in the Land of Israel, as the Torah tells us to do.  And one would be foolish to look upon the many successes of the State of Israel and not see the Hand of G-d and many miracles involved.  Perfect, far from it.  Easy to live in…it’s got it’s issue and can be a hard transition.  But the Land is blooming, homes and businesses are being built, traffic is growing (ugh), and yes – Torah is flourishing. 

It’s Israel Independence Day, and UNESCO has declared that Jerusalem has nothing to do with the Jewish people.  We declare UNESCO has nothing to do with history, intelligence, or value.  “Those who bless you shall be blessed, those who curse you…”.  May Hashem deal with UNESCO in kind.

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