Tuesday, May 09, 2017


“Energy Healing”

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

"Energy Healing"


     (Pertaining to the previous article where a number of rabbis whitewash or even promote such things as "energy healing")


     Some ten or fifteen years ago an Israeli man came to the tefillin stand at the Kotel and told us this story.

     His wife had very poor eyesight. She was forced to wear thick eyeglasses which she hated. She heard of an "energy healer" in Tel Aviv who claimed to be able to heal such things. She went to him, paid his fee, and he laid his hands close to her eyes. Miraculously her eyesight got much better right then and there! But she still needed those ugly glasses.

     She asked him if he could do more. He said that he himself could not do not do any more but if she allowed he could call on "other spirits" who could heal her eyes completely. Of course she agreed.

     He called on those "spirits" and to her entire amazement she was instantly "healed." She did not need those ugly eyeglasses anymore! A most happy Jewish woman.

     That night she was lying in bed with her husband and she started to twitch, to jerk her body around. Her husband asked her what was the problem. She started jumping around even more.

     She yelled, "Tell them to get off me!"

     She cannot control it. Her husband took her to a number of different medical professionals and none of them were able to help her. He was ready to take her to a psychiatrist!

     My experience with this type of "energy" or "power" is that in the beginning you think that you have the power, but in the end you see that the power has you.



  1. So what happened to that poor women?

    How did she get rid of it?

  2. Reb Gutman

    How was she healed?
    What technique was used, or what "power?"

    Spirits of dead people?

    The story does not fit the Jewish way of doing things.

  3. What about if someone does not use "spirits" to heal and did not learn healing by using idolatrous practices?


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