Sunday, May 07, 2017


A Can of Worms

   by Reb Gutman Locks

A Can of Worms


     A rabbi from a religious community in America who is also a big fan of alternative and unusual "medicine" has written a book whitewashing, or even touting such systems as; auras, chi, reiki, energy healing, distant healing, meridians, emotional freedom techniques, dowsing, homeopathy, radionics, crystal healing, and yoga. To make matters worse he has collected a number of known rabbis' approvals.

     It seems that there are a number of religious Jews who are latching on to his opinions. The best way to evaluate his advice is to consider his take on vaccinations. Apparently he is totally against vaccinations.

     To vaccinate or not is probably the most heated medical discussion in the world today; with virtually the entire standard, modern medical establishment insisting on their necessity, and virtually the entire "alternative" community harshly condemning them.

     When it comes to medicine I recommend listening to the established medical opinion. From my limited research into the vaccination argument it seems that the original study condemning them was made by someone with selfish, monetary motives and the facts do not seem to follow his study. Although some "alternative" ideas can be helpful, when it comes to life and death matters I strongly recommend not following the "alternative" opinions.

     On medicine this is my opinion. But as to those other systems that he discusses in his book that have any spiritual teachings attached to them, I am not stating my opinion; I am telling you my experience. They are all to be entirely shunned, especially by a Torah observant Jew.

     As I have stated many times, if an idolater worships the moon the moon does not become forbidden. Many of the "alternative" systems have incorporated known helpful exercises which are totally permitted, like stretching and touching your toes, but when it comes to any association with any spiritual system other than Torah, this is forbidden to the Jew. Do not even praise the good that you might think you see there because if you do you will later come to praise the bad.



  1. For everybody's information:...

    By the way you can check out my blog, ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES. I am a physician and spent 10 months of my life researching the topic of vaccinations. The blog is full of very detailed articles that will open your eyes hopefully to the amount of information available if you are really looking for it. I posted this very same video on the blog, with titles of the labels where you can find all relevant articles.

    Good reading. It is high time rabbis opened their eyes to the facts and stopped shunning the truth; you can do better!

    Kol Tuv

    Daisy J. Stern, MD

  2. While vaccines help prevent serious diseases, there are questions, such as whether it is necessary to give babies so many vaccines at once or close together, whether some of the vaccines such as hepatitis are necessary for babies to have, whether some allergies in patients such as to eggs can interfere with a vaccine, etc.


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