Sunday, April 23, 2017

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   by Reb Gutman Locks


     I was putting tefillin on an Israeli who stunk from cigarette smoke. I held back and didn't say anything because I didn't want to get him angry before he did the mitzvah. He may have left without doing it. I sent him to the Kotel to "talk to G-d" and then I put tefillin on his friend and sent him to the Kotel, too. When he returned I quickly thought of what might be the best way to get him to listen to me about smoking.

     "Did you hear what G-d told you?"

     "No, I didn't hear anything."

     "He said that you should stop smoking!"

      He looked at me with shock, even awe. I took the tefillin off him and his friend and a few minutes later the friend came back. He leaned over and kind of whispered, "Can you tell me what G-d said to me?"

     "If you want G-d to talk to you, you have to do a mitzvah and then listen."
      He ran over to the tefillin stand charity box, put a coin in and ran back to me, "Okay, what did He say?"

     "Oh boy, I blew it," I thought, "Now this guy thinks that Hashem tells me what He says to them. I looked at him and saw that he was a tough guy so I told him one of my favorite Rebbe sayings adjusted for what I thought would help him.

     "When you deal with people, especially your wife it is better to be kind than to be right."

      He stopped and looked deeply inside himself and walked away.

      "Okay", I thought, "the end of it, right?" But then a third guy came running over to me and asked, "Do you study Kabballah?"

     "No, I'm just a Baal Teshuva."

      He wouldn't listen. "Tell me what did G-d say to me?"

      I told him, "Every time you do a mitzvah talk to G-d. Tell Him all that you want and need and pray for others, too."

      Hopefully that's the end of that one. Next time I'll tell the guy to quit smoking in a different way.


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